The Magic Bullet for Retention

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

OK companies, what is the magic bullet to retain your employees and keep your organization resignation-proof?

There isn’t one.

Employees are supposed to come and go. That’s what keeps new ideas flowing into the organization. Reasonable turnover is healthy for both workplaces and workers.

How do you keep the turnover to a reasonable level? Talk to your employees. There is no magic bullet because employees are diverse individuals with varied ideas on what makes a good employer, a nurturing boss, and an inviting company culture. If you want to keep your employees, you have to LISTEN and REACT to their inputs. A one-size-fits-all schedule, benefits package, or work style probably isn’t going to cut it. Even implementing industry best employment practices may not help because they don’t have a focus on YOUR employees.
My suggestions:
  1. Treat employees like adults; their work will speak for itself, so there is no need to “monitor” them if they work from home
  2. If you’ve been flexible during the pandemic, you can continue to be flexible; failure to do so will admit that you don’t trust your employees enough to let them work in the way that is best for them
  3. Don’t assume that what works well for one group of employees works for everyone
  4. Don’t forget to talk to remote workers, too; they will appreciate having a voice
  5. Overhaul your HR handbook to reflect a choice of varying work styles, schedules, and locations

When did you last talk to your employees AND LISTEN regarding how they like to work? Collecting this information during an exit interview is too late. You need to have the conversation with your current employees NOW before they leave, and most importantly, you must prepare for the organization to change – for the better!