You'll Never Believe It

Photo by Michael Heise on Unsplash

One of the perks of this job is that friends and family often keep me in the loop about what’s going on in their work world because they know I write about workplace trends and issues. A friend reached out recently to share the latest absurd drama from his workplace, and I could scarcely believe his story, as it sounded so ridiculous that an organization would do this. Let’s call said friend Jon.

Jon said, “My boss resigned Monday after being here two years. He was my fifth boss in eight years and relocated to town as required for this job. He and his wife wanted to go back to their home state several hundred miles away because they missed their kids, grandkids, and friends. The boss’s boss said, ‘No, this role is based locally only.’ So my boss resigned; the company announced his replacement this morning. The new boss will be based in his home office several states away and will not be required to move to town to take the job. This place is schizophrenic!”

While I appreciate the blog fodder, I feel really bad for Jon. He’s right – his workplace is schizophrenic, and the rules aren’t applied evenly to all employees. Employers, please know that your workers see these mixed messages; employee morale tanks when this happens. Unfair treatment is a definite management no-no; employers should treat workers (even in management) equally and equitably. While it is commendable that the organization would consider hiring someone in a remote position, it makes little sense to incur turnover instead of being a little flexible to retain a current employee.

Jon, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re able to soon move to a job at an organization that’s a little less chaotic! Thanks for sharing your tale with my readers!