Business Networking Secrets?

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

I have a few friends who are MASTERS of business networking. They remember names and the details of interactions, follow up with folks, and are generous in helping others network. As an introvert, I’m frankly in awe of their sociability. Interestingly enough, they aren’t all extroverts themselves, but they can fake it WAY longer than I can. They seem at ease in social situations whether they know anyone in the crowd or not. They have their elevator pitches at the ready, and they generally seem like the life of the party!

I greatly admire this skill set because I recognize I can improve in this area.

I’d like to share a quick anecdote from an interaction this week. A social media acquaintance on LinkedIn won an unexpected award, and I responded to her post to congratulate her on the honor. Although we’re not close, we’ve interacted a few times on social media. Her response to me was warm, and she treated me like an old friend, saying, “So nice to hear from you!” It was a simple thing, but that warmth immediately made me think of her in even more favorable terms than I had previously. Although she’s likely just as genuine and friendly in person, I realized that she was exceptionally skillful in bringing people into her circle of influence by her heartfelt and personable responses.

Boy, when I grow up (ha!), I hope I can do that, too. I would love for everyone I interact with to leave the conversation just a little happier than before. I had never thought about what a powerful networking tool warmth can be, but if done with genuineness, it can surely boost your stock with the people you meet!