Today's Double Feature

Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash

Since I take most weekends off from writing, I have accumulated a couple of interesting articles I’d like to bring your attention to today.

In this article by Business Insider, quitting jobs is a significant theme of the last year. According to the article, “A record-breaking 1 million leisure and hospitality left their jobs in November, with low-wage sectors disproportionately leading departures.” Well, no kidding. For anyone who has been disappointed lately during their late-night drive-through snack run when their favorite fast-food chain is closed early without notice, an exodus of lower-wage workers hurts us all. Perhaps employers could pay a living wage?

Another concern is that the economy added far fewer jobs in December than predicted. Does this signal a flattening of the job horizon, or were new job slots postponed until after the holidays? Let’s hope it was the latter.

Biden’s Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, posits three likely reasons that people are quitting: people want better work, COVID-19 still has workers worried, and lack of childcare is a problem. The article is worth reading, especially if you are an employer scratching your head over numerous resignations!

The second article (also by Business Insider) tells the story of the CEO of software company Trainual, who offers a resignation incentive of $5,000 (yes, you read that right!) after an employee has worked two weeks. Whoa! That’s some next-level stuff right there! That certainly seems counter-intuitive, yet it seems to work for him; none of the 38 employees hired since the company extended this offer have taken the bait. What?!?! I’ll be following this company closely to see if this policy continues to be successful; have they just cracked the code on employee retention?