Feeling the T-Pain of Hiring Talent

Photo by Timek Life on Unsplash

Do you always follow the directions when you apply for a job? Are your application files in the correct format on the right platform?

According to this Yahoo! article, rapper/songwriter/producer T-Pain is getting pushback from applicants to his company’s newest job postings (for studio engineers, videographers, and editors) who don’t want to submit materials as he requests. Having been on the hiring side of things in my previous work, I can commiserate with him. It’s always frustrating when applicants don’t follow the directions (which were usually constructed intentionally due to many factors) in the hiring process.

Do you think it’s unreasonable for him, as an employer, to request materials be emailed directly and not just posted on social media accounts for him to have to chase down? Do applicants remove themselves from consideration by not following the directions? If I were the hiring manager, the answer would be, “Sorry, you just disqualified yourself from this role!” Failure to follow directions is undoubtedly a red flag for an organization when considering applicants. Causing a company extra work by asking them to chase down your portfolio on social media is a huge time sink, which is probably the opposite of what they want (they’re probably short on time as it is if they need to hire more people!)

As I report on employer/employee relations issues, I often align with the employee/applicant side. In this case, though, I wholeheartedly side with the employer. Applicants, follow the directions or look elsewhere.