Do YOU Have a Quit Story?

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Most of us have one — a quit story, that is. When we resign from a job, our quit stories can be dramatic and emotional or carefully calculated and uneventful. Our resignation tales are unique. They can vary depending on our role, our visibility to clients, our relationships with our coworkers, and even company policy and practice.

No matter your particular story, I’d like to hear about it, both for this blog and my upcoming book. Retelling your experiences might save someone else some heartache and headache. Would you be willing to share yours?

If you’ve quit ANY job EVER (from your first job in high school to your retirement!) and are willing to talk about it, reach out to me on social media (@queenofquit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or via email at We can arrange a convenient time for a short interview.