Cereal Killers

Photo by Nyana Stoica on Unsplash

Good luck finding your favored cereals on grocery shelves; they may become rare in your area if they aren’t already out of stock.

According to this article by Fox 59 in Indianapolis, the Kellogg Co. worker’s strike, which began October 5, 2021, is still going strong. The 1,400 striking workers and the company failed to come to an agreement before the end of the previous contract regarding pay and benefits, including pensions. Heightening tensions, the company claimed they paid excellent wages (averaging $120,000). Still, workers claim that their regular pay only averaged $60,000, and the rest was overtime forced during the labor shortages of the COVID-19 pandemic when some workers worked up to 84 hours per week (12-hour shifts, seven days per week). That’s quite a different tale!

Production resumes with salaried employees and non-union outside workers, but no details on whether that is the full production line capacity. The union expects the strike to continue until both parties agree to a new contract.

Do you support striking employees? Or do you think they should stop complaining and get back to work?