Is Quitting Contagious?

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

I am sure that it’s a coincidence that I’ve lately heard several friends talking about leaving their jobs. Perhaps with workplace issues (specifically leaving the workplace due to various issues, both personal and professional) as the topic of my blog, I’m just super-attuned to those stories right now. Or is there really an outbreak of resignations going on?

I’m humbled that so many of my friends come to me for advice or commiseration about work woes. It’s certainly my area of expertise as I have often straddled the line between employee and HR representative and understand the issues on both sides of the coin. I can empathize with maltreated employees and struggling management teams alike. I do pledge to a) help any friends through the process if I can, and b) bring my readers the pearls of wisdom that I can out of these stories. Do you (as my loyal reader) think that bringing case studies like this to my blog will be helpful?

Would hearing stories from real people give someone the courage to make a job change or leave a bad situation? I certainly hope that might be the case!